Thursday, February 22, 2007

He's home!!!!

My mutly is home from the vets much better and even pestering me as I type to play with his squeaky dinosaur. Now we just have the fun of getting him to take his pills.......favorite method last time was to hide them in some soft cheese but he's wise to that now and won't touch cheese anymore!

any suggestions welcome.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Not just a gratuitous pet photo this time although it should be.

Poor Foster the dog is v poorly and staying at the vets for a while.

His history is not good and he's a walking ad for pet insurance but the house just isn't the same without him....

History so far:

we adopted Foster 2 years ago from some friends who he was a surrogate baby for. When the IVF worked, he became very jealous and is not good with small people (or small dogs). 2 months after being with us, he had to go to the vets because a blackthorn had gone inside his food and was working its way out of his knee, no complaints from the dog just a slight limp which the vets couldn't pinpoint until he was knocked out for an x-ray. closely followed by a backache (probably from chasing something somewhere he shouldn't) followed by another thorn in his paw causing an infection.

All was calm for a few weeks when he started wheezing and getting very short of breath.

another trip to the vets and general anaesthetic so they could do chest x-rays showed Bronchial pneumonia which was very touch and go for a while. He was taken to specialist vets who took him to Bedford Hospital overnight (apparently a lot of hospitals rent out their theatres/scanners etc overnight to vets) for heart/lung scans which showed a massive enlargement of his heart due to his breathing difficulties. Loads of antibiotics etc later and he was as right as rain for a while. We were very careful in the warm weather this summer and always took plenty of water for him on walks but being a Springer, you just can't tell him not to get too puffed out.(he does have an inhalor but I'm not sure it really works on dogs, although we try very hard to get him to breathe at the right time(how can you get a dog to breathe in when you want him to????)

This weekend, he's been off his food, not even interesterd in a bacon buttie on Sunday and went to the vets yesterday. They were really pleased to see him-it's actually been 10 months since his last visit-and he's very popular (and familiar) but not pleased at how poorly he is...

His temp is 106 deg so he's on IV antibiotics, antinflamatories and asthma treatment.

The vets have so far diagnosed a serious lung infection, low white blood cells and general anaemia and asked if he might have swallowed some kind of rat poison-trouble is, he runs around fields and in the woods where the gamekeepers put goodness knows what down-we can't pinpoint when he became sick since most infections take a couple of days to get into the system and he's not been noticeably poorly until Sunday(anyone who doesn't want a bacon buttie on Sunday morning must be ill or vegetarian or of a different faith).

Anyhow, the vets will phone during the night if he gets any worse and I'm going first thing tommorrow to see him, but the house just isn't the same without the tap dancing noises his claws make on the hard floors when he catches the post in his mouth before it even touches the doormat.

I miss my mutt and want him home, mucky paw prints and all.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

February socks.

My Feb socks for the sock a month challenge on Crafty Threads'n'Yarns forum. They're made from Posh Yarns sock club yarn for the main bit and an oddment of cerise for the toes & heels. I made the pattern up with 64 sts on 2.5m needles with a 12 st staghorn cable down the sides.

Very soft and cosy and DH has now been instructed NOT to put these ones in the washing machine like he did with my January ones which shrunk to DD2 size(although she is very pleased with them).

Next for the finishing is a striped sweater (only a sleeve left to do so hopefully completed in the next couple of days)

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Hmm. photos of the Icarus shawl from Interweave I made for a friend to give her Mum for her birthday. I like making shawls but this is the last thing I make for anyone outside the family for a while, it became a bit of a pain because there was a deadline for making it and I don't get to wear it!
Nice to make though, Kid Silk Haze from Rowan and the pattern was easy enough but it held me up on other things I wanted to do (well that and having to take a week off knitting from the sliced thumb and another from the steroid injections for the Carpal Tunnel Syndrome thingy).
At least now I'm back to other stuff. Just finished my February socks for the Sock a Month challenge (photos tomorrow in daylight) and nearly finished my stripey sweater in Rowan Little Big Wool bought in a sale (see January posts).

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

I was supposed to be a good girl and finish the Icarus shawl I'm making for a friend but my new purchases yesterday made my fingers twitch so DD2 has her snuggly socks for bed.

Made in Garnstudio Eskimo, 8mm DPNs and 26 sts cast on, they took about an hour each to knit (size 37)

Instant gratification knitting, just what I needed after all the shawls recently. I have now promised myself no knitting for anyone outside this house for at least 3 months so I can catch up on the family stuff (sweaters and socks all round!)

Monday, February 05, 2007

Major stash enhancement today at

Cazzie and I drove down and were made very welcome by Bruce and Birgitte (and Oliver the dog) and had a really nice chat about all things yarny over coffee then went on to some serious purchasing....

The firt piccie is Eskimo 100% wool chunky for a sweater for me(the mauve shade) and pink and blue for slouchy socks for the DD's

Second piccie is for DH's sweater, Highlander Yarn in a marly grey colour and some 100% alpaca which is soooo soft and 4 ply weight for some fingerless mittens and socks.

and the third photo is a skein of Yard Yard hand dyed sock yarn in Blueberry Muffin which the naughty Cazzie slipped in the boot of my car as a thank you for driving. Totally unneccesary but very, very much appreciated, I love the colours they are very me and will join the sock a month challenge in March (I've already started Februarys)

All in all a wonderful day out, apart from a slight detour on the way home when I switched the Sat Nav off cos it was bugging me and I missed the turning for the M1 as we were talking so much!!