Saturday, September 08, 2007

Found more stash, need to lie down for a while.

Friday, September 07, 2007

Its been a very wierd but educational day today, my yarn buying habit must have been really out of control for the stash to get to the size it is. I used to be a one thing at a time kind of knitter but since discovering internet yarn stores and knitting forums, that all went out the window.

I have been a good girl lately and the lack of funds kind of yarn dieting has worked wonders, I haven't bought any yarn since March this year but the stash still overfloweth!

I spent today taking piccies of my stash to put on Ravelry and mucking about trying to put it back into the hiding places so it looked less-needless to say failed on the hiding front and found more than I thought I had.

Now to upload all the stash piccies onto Blogger would probably take until Sunday night but just to shame me into tidying it, this is a pic of my knitting corner.

It started off as a nice old table with a lamp on top and a knitting bag (note the singular) with 1 project in it.

Then some books and magazines started appearing (mainly cos the lights in the hallway where the bookcases are didn't work for a while and I had to use a torch after dark to look for a particular pattern).

The project bags started to breed at an alarming rate leaving trails of little UFO's behind them and gave enough shelter for the smaller gadgets (needles, row counters, stitch markers etc etc etc. ) to hide in and avoid being found when needed and forcing me to buy more which then hid amongst the UFO's and started breeding themselves.

It all started to go really downhill after the beads arrived, they started off all innocent looking to be added into the odd shawl or border but then they called in a load of craft wire reinforcements followed by a box of pliers and findings for the wire jewellry.

I will tidy it sometime soon but always get distracted by a pattern or a magazine or something shiny......those beads have a very naughty glint in their eyes.....

Of course if you want to look at the stash, it should be viewable on my Flickr account but its still uploading so will increase as the evening goes on.