Thursday, September 21, 2006

Blogging suspended until life calms down,
too much work, wedding arrangements, hen weekend this weekend (Brussels here we come)
kids stuff, house decorating, more kids stuff, did I mention too much work?
oh and some idiot drove into the back of my car yesterday when I was sat at traffic lights in town so trips to garage for damage assesment and repair and lenghthy phone calls with insurance companies to sort out all the dross.
that feels better
hmm a bit calmer now.

Friday, September 01, 2006

Finally Blocked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This poor old tablcloth has been a crumply mess in the back of a cupboard for at least 2 years waiting to be blocked but inspired by Viv67's post on Angel Yarns forum of a picture of her Forest Path Stole, I kicked myself up the backside last night (not easy)and spent 2 hours crawling around the floor pinning this thing out and spraying starch all over the place.

The pattern is the Lilac Time oval dinner cloth design from Marianne Kinzel's Second Book of Modern Lace Knitting which is an absolute treasure for us lace obsessives.

Trouble is, I love knitting the tablecloths I hate blocking them and I also have no inclination to use them (I'm just not a lace tablecloth type of girl) so unless they are earmarked as a gift, they end up in a dark and dusty cupboard until said kick in the rump arrives. Well its done now, its one less thing to guilt over when the stash store calls to me and now I just have to think of someone with an oval table to give it to!

Back to blogging, where has August gone ? Answers on a comment box please.

Never mind, got up this morning to a nice wee package in the post, its my Posh Yarns sock club September installment and the colours are yummy, autumnal and as always lovely sock yarn, I have a feeling ( actually I know full well ) that this is a pair of socks for me, the last one was a bit pastel for me so DDs have claimed that but even tho its not knitted yet I might just have to start on mine as a bit of small stuff to do after the recent shawl frenzy.

It was such a treat to have yarn in the post as the yarn diet continues and this doesn't count since I signed up before the diet started.

For anyone interested, the wedding shawl mentioned previously has been finished but needs blocking and I have finished one of the mini Birches for DD2. DD1's has been cast on and a couple of pattern repeats finished but I decided I needed something a bit thicker and less fluffy than KSH for a bit so I started my Victorian Lace shawl in Elanns Uros aran, I'm down to the last 2 balls of yarn so I should finish this weekend and will post piccies when mass shawl blocking session is done.