Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Theres nothing like a bit of a splurge to get the knitting juices flowing again........unfortunately this splurge was as a result of the closing down sale at my LYS. The more reserved photo is a sample of the purchases and the huge pile is the whole lot en masse.
I bought:-
8 Rowan Big Wool
6 Kid Silk Haze in a pale peachy colour
2 Kid Silk Night in Ivory
1 Kid Silk Haze in black (well it was the only one left and looked lonely)
8 All Seasons Cotton in beige and 2 in chocolate
8 Wool Cotton in pale pink and 4 in cream
8 Cotton Glace in beige and 8 in Navy
1 Kid Classic in pink to go with some already in stash but it looked lonely too
4 Addi circs in sizes I don't have already
Erika Knights Classics book
and all at least 50% off recommended price- grand total £149.00 which is rather a lot to spend in one go but on the basis I won't be able to nip in there on the way to the bank anymore and there is 6 garments worth of stuff, its justifiable (to me anyway). The mortgage is paid and the fridge is full so I'm not doing any harm to anyone.

Which then leads to the current WIPs, the big grey blob is a sweater for DH, Garnstudios Highlander and one of their free patterns I have promised to finish this before I start on any of my new things and since I'm up to the neck shaping, I should finish tonight. It was all knitted in the round so no nasty seams to sew, I like this pattern and DH chose the colour so we're both happy.

Next up, the pink sockies are for DD2, my portable knitting for the week, I'm doing them both at the same time on 2 circs and its going ok, pink socks with cream heels cos I wasn't sure if there was enough pink- I should have done them toe up really but I was in a hurry to grab something on the way to her dance class the other day and didn't have my full kit with me (I prefer to do provisional cast on with a crochet chain of waste yarn but didn't have a hook) so cream heels and toes it is.

Once these are finished, I'm planning on starting a sweater for me from the Big Wool since its the bulkiest in the above and I really don't have anywhere to store it unless it goes into the wardrobe as a sweater in waiting but I have a feeling the balls might come tumbling out every time the door is opened.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Thank you to everyone who sent me good wishes for Fozzie, as regards to the medicine hiding exercise, I found some sauce made by IAMS especially for dog food and thinking back to when DD1 was being picky with her food and everything had to be hidden under gravy or ketchup, I bought some of this for Foster (the doggy sauce-not ketchup) and he took his pills like a good boy!!!
So the mutt is good to go again and is helping me train for the Race For Life run on 13th June at Silverstone-(any chance of cadging a lift in an F1 car?)
Also helping are the DD's. Well they have to, they're in it too and I might need them to carry me round the last bit(only joking).
I seem to have lost my knitting Mojo lately, I've been doing some more socks and have 2 larger things on the go but can't seem to get into them right now, I think I need to dive into the stash for something a bit more interesting.......