Tuesday, August 08, 2006

I'm finding it very hard to motivate myself to work today and using any excuse not to actually open a file and do something so even without photos I thought I'd do a bit of a rambling blog.
The house is still a tip, bathroom is almost finished although I still have to paint it once the tiler, carpenter and plumber have done their finishing bits. DD2's bedroom is painted but still needs a loft hatch fitted in the ceiling and a light sorted out, curtains, carpet refitting and all the furniture put back in (before Sunday). The dining room is ready for painting but with all the other bits I have to do I've told DP I want someone else to do this for me and then we get to start ripping the kitchen apart (aaaaargh)
I need a holiday badly but won't get away until the honeymoon (early October) by which time I'll be a frazzled wreck.
It's a good job I have knitting to keep me sane. I joined the Bertie-a-long on the AY forum a while ago and made it last weekend, it turned out quite well and its going to be a Christmas present for someone but I haven't decided who yet. My wedding shawl is into the third ball of KSH and although the pattern called for 4, I think its almost big enough now, I don't want it too long or it will hide the detailing on the back of the dress.
My Ogee sweater from Nature knits by Norah Gaughan now has one completed sleeve and I'm 1/3 of the way up the front, I've decided the back will be v boring to knit plain in 4 ply so I think the cable design will be on the back too.(Imust be insane, this is complicated cabling but has to be better than plain st st for a whole 4 ply back)
Apart from those two things the only other thing OTN is MILs lace tablecloth which was originally to be for her birthday present but I got side tracked and now it will have to be completed for Christmas.
The planned projects list just keeps getting longer though, and yarn is already sitting at home to make a Rogue hoody, another sweater from nature knits, several (well call it about 15) pairs of socks, 2 Birch shawls (mini versions for dds to wear at wedding) Aran shawl for me, alpaca for a lace jacket, and soo much more it makes my head hurt to think about it. I've been very good on the stashalong so far and once I got over the initial 'NO DON'T BUY IT' stage, it hasn't been too bad. I would like to reduce the stash down to just two or three planned projects since this interwebbly net shopping mularkey means you're only ever two or three days away from starting a project and I feel guilty about having all this stuff around that is still 'to do', it feels like I'm as far behind with the knitting as I am with everything else and although my yarn is very forgiving and doesn't mind being left around for a while, I'm starting to worry about the compulsiveness of this yarn buying - it's not the money value but more the storage space!! we had to have extra cupboards build in the bathroom to put the towells etc in because the 'linen' cupboard is full of yarn and stuff which falls out on you when you open the door!!
Anyway, must go and do some work, three lots of company year end stuff to do and it won't go away by itself.....