Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Continuning on from the post below, a Shoalwater shawl knitted in Helen's Lace from Lornas laces, I can't remember the shade but its purpley blues and lovely to knit.

and a Stashbuster! the yarn is from, its a wool/alpaca mix and aran weight so the shawl is really warm and cosy. The pattern is one of their free ones, Victorian Lace Shawl (I think)I had the yarn and pattern lying around for ages and in the end it only took a week to do.

so now I'm off to do some more photos....what shall I do next? socks or gloves or bags or bigger stuff?

Back to a bit of normality now or as close as it gets Chez Catknit so blogging will resume with a bit of shawl showing off.
The deep red shawl is Birch by Sahron Miller in a yummy colour Kid Silk Haze. It was knitted for a friend so I have to part company with it at the weekend but I have plans to but some more of that shade for ME.

The pale pink fluff is my wedding shawl which is shown in progress much earlier in the blog(pattern is The Dove Shawl from Heirloom Knitting) and the minky coloured job is my first Birch, much loved and worn everywhere again in KSH.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Just a quick post to say I'm still alive, not many knitting photos to show right now because my camera has been choked up with other stuff and I couldn't find the lead to empty it on to the puter. Anyhow, a quick wedding pic for those interested, taken by my Dad, l-r DD1, best man Norfy, me 'n' him, DD2 and my new stepdaughter
I suppose this does include some recently finished things cos the girls are all wearing Birch shawls I made and mine is another Sharon Miller design called The Dove Shawl, all made in KSH, mine was pale pink and the girls were Pearl.

We all had a great day and the weather was just perfect, a sunny October day, not too hot, not too cool.