Monday, August 20, 2007

Has she gone a bit nuts or just avoiding work again?
yup, its the avoiding work thing.
2 posts in a week-unheard of.
Anyway, I've quite got into this knittted jewellery thing so finished another couple of necklaces and even made a pair of matching earrings for one of them.

The one on the left is gold coloured wire with lilac/purple beads and sits quite low on the neck.
The right hand side is a choker made from silver wire with some Swarovski crystals left over from something else. The beads are mostly clear and pink so instead of putting on a clasp, I crocheted thin ribbon for the cast off and left long ends to tie it at the back.
These aren't for me tho, a friend of a friend has a sister who owns a crafty shop place and is interested in selling them for me *shock*.....could this be a less boring way to make a living than book-keeping? It doesn't take much........

And just to give myself a break from stringing beads for a while, I started a sock last night which is on a KAL on the crafty threads forum. The patttern is designed by Probablyjane and really good to do, looks like 2 colours worked at the same time but nu-uh,
its all done with slipped sts. We likey.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

MS3 is finished!

and I'm a bit disappointed, not because of how it turned out-I absolutely love it, but because it was such fun knitting it I'm sad to finish.

Which at a guess would mean I need to make another......

This one was knitted in Habu Textiles pure bamboo laceweight bought at Ally Pally two and a half years ago but sat waiting for the right project to come along and it was worth the wait. I have enough left to make another the same but might try dying it another colour or use it for another lacy project.

The yarn is smooth, silky and soooo soft, an absolute dream to knit, I used good old Brittany Birch needles and some beads which were lying around from something else (and they must have been around for quite a while because I can't for the life of me remember what the something else was!

If the weather improves tomorrow, I'll post some pics of other recently finished FO's but its raining again and the light is really bad, my photography is bad enough without trying to do piccies in dull light. ( finished 2 cardi's, Lotus Blossom Tank and some more jewellry so it might be a bit picture heavy).

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Good grief, you forget to blog for a few weeks then go to leave a comment on someone elses blog and realise that you can't go on because your email address had to be changed and you can't remember the new password 24 hrs later.-well you might not, but I do, well in fact I did and only just managed to get back on here after 3 days of trying.

So I thinks whilst I'm here, I might as well bung a bit of knitting on, so rather than trying to do a catch up of the not so recent projects, I present to you the Jewellry bits I've been messing with.

This piccie is knitted gold wire with lilac and purple glass beads. Just needs a clasp of some sort now and probably a pair of earrings to match. It took about an hour to knit plus some extra time for stringing beads.

This second one (modelled by DD1) is a choker made from purple craft wire with black beads and a satin ribbon to tie it at the back. Its now dissappeared along with dd1 into the dark hole she refers to as her room, I call it a pit.